Sex, Robots, Women*

Future & Taboo

What we do

This project deals with the topic of sex robots in their relation to women*. The existence of this kind of robot has major consequences for the position of women in society, whose sexuality has always been a taboo.

The main goal of the project is to prevent sex robots from perpetuating the inequality of women in our society. This will be achieved by drawing up ethical guidelines for the development of sex robots and disseminating these to relevant groups of people in the field of adult education, sex robot manufacturing, politics as well as society.

In addition, the production of the song “Love Robot” and accompanying video will create an emotional and easy-to-access approach to the topic with a view to reaching multiple social groups.

The phenomenon of female, sexualised, humanoid robots and the way it affects humans needs to be addressed immediately so as to be able to prevent long-term consequences that are detrimental to women.

* indicates women, femmes and non-binary people

Who we are

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