Future and Taboo – Ethical and societal implications on women*

Our objectives

Our project is based in Adult Education (AE) and focuses on raising awareness about the impact of robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) on women and their sexuality. Our goals are both to prepare formal learning by training AE educators and supplying materials, and to provide informal teaching and learning in the form of workshops, podcasts, and continuative materials for adults.

Ethical Guidelines

For the creation of the ethical guidelines for the development of sex robots, we will host three workshops. Stakeholders from politics, science, development, ethics and pedagogy will be involved in these workshops. These guidelines will be communicated to relevant groups of people in the field of adult education, sex robot manufacturing, politics as well as society.


As a base for the content in the workshops, a literature research, a desk research and an anonymous survey will be conducted. The results will be consolidated in a document and provide the foundation for the workshops.

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