Future and Taboo for women* – An educational video as a medium for informal learning in adult education

Our objectives

Our goal is to reach the general public (primary target group), as well as educators and other representatives of adult education (secondary target group) with an awareness/education video in everyday language and with continuative materials (strategy paper) about sex robots in relation to women. This content will be presented at three events in the three countries represented (Germany, Austria and Spain).

Video Production

The project includes the production of an educational video. The content of this video will create awareness around the topic among the general public and raise sensitization among adult education staff. A heterogeneous discourse will be initiated, which will contribute to the involvement of diverse social groups, especially women, in this taboo topic.

Strategy Paper

The strategy paper contains concepts and ideas for adult education staff on how to integrate awareness video into education and training formats. Through the strategy paper, the video will be able to be applied in different learning formats.


As part of the project, an event will be planned and held in Vienna as well as in Nuremberg and Velez-Malaga. The educational video will be showcased, and the strategy paper will be presented.


Main Project


Female vs male robots

A big discussion of the sx robot industry and technologies is the clear inclination towards the robots being portrayed as…

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